Epidemics and pandemics happen. They are a natural part of living in a less than perfect world. Americans have dealt with these problems multiple times throughout our history. The COVID-19 crisis, however, caught many in public office by surprise.

Most of us cannot remember what quarantines are supposed to look like. The media took no time to find out much about history. The next thing we knew, the models were screaming out a horror story and the media was predicting a potential apocalypse. It has taken almost four months for reality to dawn upon enough people to hold an intelligent conversation about how the laws should work. Unfortunately, the economic costs of gubernatorial dictates have resulted in devastating losses for individuals, families, businesses and state and local governments. But the train does not have to crash.

Today a quarantine reform proposal was introduced into the Ohio General Assembly. H.B. 649 is designed to remedy the overreach of unelected bureaucrats and the Governors who have driven this COVID Train to near disaster. H.B. 649 restores a constitutional balance in dealing with a public health crisis and once passed by the Legislature, will prevent a second wave of shutdowns and chaos. H.B. 649 is designed as model legislation for all 50 states. The principles contained in this legislation can help everyone. H.B. 649 is not a one-size fits all, but the principles work everywhere.

Please take a look at this reform legislation. You will find it here (H.B. 649). It already has 16 co-sponsors on day one. Thanks to those courageous lawmakers who have decided to help get Ohio back to common sense. No matter what state you call home, these ideas can help.

You can learn much more by visiting this page dedicated to our research on COVID-19. You will find 14 episodes of The COVID Chronicles there as well as four policy briefings on YouTube. You won’t find this stuff on FOX News.