This one is different. It is not the typical advice to President Trump. This advice would be to any and every American President. Please Sir, or Madam, whoever is President and will be President, please, oh please stop giving the State of the Union Address to the U.S. Congress in person and on television. Just stop, now and for at least the next 100 years.

This address, while required by the Constitution, is not specified as being a live event. Many presidents have simply sent a report to Congress which the media then printed for the public. Please, oh please, could we go back to that idea? Can we stop the pathetic, hypocritical, glad-handing, backslapping, dagger eyes, jack-in-the box, political rallies for partisan love and hatred all at the same time? Can we make the cable news anchors and all the rest go back to writing and reporting instead of hyping the political version of big-time wrestling every January?

The State of the Union is embarrassing because the pictures tell us what no words can cover up. Our national elected officials are under a spell of partisanship and power that is shameful. If there is no State of the Union Address this year, the government shutdown was worth it.

Mr. President, please mail it in.