The great political shell game is in full swing. Please dear friends, let us all be careful to not get caught in the politics of the hour and miss the point. What is happening on Capitol Hill right now is being scripted in the board rooms of political consultants who are raising huge budgets to conquer the Congress in 2018. This is electoral politics on steroids. Every issue, every statement, every move is designed to manipulate public opinion and turn votes in the House and Senate races of 2018. Yes, there are people who manipulate opinions and politics for a living and they make a great deal of money doing so. They are pulling the strings right now.

The Government Shutdown is theater for the Elite Ruling Class. It is all a staged act to win House and Senate seats for 2018. Very sad for the good people who work for all of us in federal positions and people in real need. But it is the Party Bosses that are controlling this game, not We the People. Please keep your dial turned to The Public Square® as we expose this conspiracy in plain sight and turn the lights on the most corrupt institution in America – the United States Senate.