We are posting this blog on Sunday March 11, a few days BEFORE the special election for PA House District 18. We are doing this as evidence of our analysis BEFORE the outcome of the special election for a single Congressional seat. We are doing this as part of the resistance to the hyper-partisanship of the mainstream media (including FOX News) and all the rest. The media, the consultants and the party bosses all have elevated this single race to a level of absurdity. They have turned a special election, caused by a resignation driven by scandal, into the likes of a main event at Wrestlemania.

Whoever wins or loses this special election, wins or loses ONE seat of 435 Congressional seats nationwide, that again is ONE SEAT. Sure, Donald Trump won the district in 2016 but that was Donald Trump in a Presidential Election against Hillary Clinton and that was 16 months ago. The political world has changed twice since then and Trump and Clinton are not on the ballot. The people of Western Pennsylvania know this.

Furthermore, this special election is tainted by a scandal regarding the former Congressman. Few are talking about that. And there is the little matter of gerrymandering and a state and federal lawsuit that is embroiling the whole state of Pennsylvania. Democrats in PA have suddenly found their conscience regarding redistricting. They have a scheme for redrawing the state Congressional seats that may win their party an additional three seats or so and they are trying to force the Courts to force those new districts on the voters. There is little honest or fair about the Democrat argument or process. It is a quest for power. If the Democrats succeed in forcing the Courts to break the Constitution and dictate the districts, the 18th district in PA, the one being contested this week, will disappear by November.

You read that right. If Democrats prevail in Court, whoever wins the special election will be out of a job and out of a district in seven months. Has anyone reported that part of the story and the impact on the voters in PA 18?