Mayor Bill de Blasio’s latest edict is a sad example of the waning logic of the radical Leftists in America. The Mayor, who is about to leave office this year, has decided that only the vaccinated can conduct a normal life inside his city. No gyms, no restaurants, no stores and “no soup for you” if you cannot prove full vaccination documentation.

What about all the people who suffered through COVID-19 in NYC last year and now have natural immunities? Their pain and suffering counts for nothing. What about the people with medical conditions who cannot take the vaccine? What about people with objections based on religious liberties and civil rights? What about cases of “vaccine breakthroughs”? What about people with natural immunities who will stop traveling to NYC? (That is called “the economy”, Mr. Mayor).

Clearly, none of them matter to the Mayor. They have no rights to full citizenship in New York City.

Of course this action is a legal fraud. People with medical conditions that prohibit vaccination will sue the pants off the city if the Mayor tries to enforce this absurdity. Discrimination against people with disabilities is a federal crime. People who have natural immunities will likely sue the Mayor as well. They did not suffer through COVID for nothing. This new mRNA vaccine has not been fully tested on people who have natural immunities. It was not supposed to be used that way. It is not logical at this time to use the vaccine in that fashion. Just ask the Cleveland Clinic, they did the study to reach a similar conclusion.

And finally there is the question of accountability and liability. Since the Mayor is now New York’s doctor can he be sued for malpractice if something goes wrong for the people he forced to be vaccinated? There are rare but real side effects. Sometimes vaccines fail. Nothing is perfect and the drug manufacturers and the CDC have said so from the start. Is the Mayor immune to accountability for his dictates in a court of law?

Unfortunately the “vaccine dictator” approach of Mayor de Blasio and his willing allies in the U.S. media is only hurting the smart approach to vaccination. Logic and science will win the day here because Americans are not stupid. They want to be healthy. They don’t want to see anybody get sick. And they are sick and tired of fraudulent leadership that says you cannot go to the gym without a vaccine passport but you can ride the crowded subways all day long.