The other day my wife and I went to go see the movie “Operation Finale.” If the movie “Unbroken” was about forgiveness, then this movie was about justice. It was also about perseverance and dedication. The movie was about the true story of how Israeli intelligence (Mossad and Shin Bet) captured the notorious Nazi murderer Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.

The movie traces the elaborate scheme to infiltrate about a dozen Israeli agents into Argentina in 1960 to quietly kidnap the “architect of the final solution.” Eichmann was a high ranking Nazi in the SS and pretty much laid out the fine details to bring millions of Jews (and others such as Gypsies and Slavic people) into the extermination camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sobibor, Treblinka and the like. This man was a cold blooded psychopath who had escaped justice.

I guess I was surprised how the Israelis had to get Eichmann to voluntarily sign a document saying he would willingly go to Israel to stand trial. I thought they just grabbed him and slipped out of Argentina. Not so. They spent days trying to persuade Eichmann to sign, without using force. Eventually, by appealing to Eichmann’s vanity, they got him to sign the document.

Eichmann stood trial in Israel and was convicted. In 1962 he was executed by hanging…the only capital punishment ever carried out by an Israeli court.

The movie is good and informative. It moves along at a good pace with good character development. Ben Kingsley portrays Eichmann, which was odd for me. Kingsley is a great actor, but I think too old for the part–it was pretty obvious they put a ton of make up on him to look younger. However, all the other actors (most not so famous) put in strong performances. Go see this if its still in the theaters or get it on DVD and make sure you show it to your kids (teens and up) so they will know about this chapter in history.