Listener response to our recent broadcast on the State of the Union address was…mixed – to say the best. One listener wrote in and blasted us for being racists and in the tank for Donald Trump. Another wrote in accusing us of being Anti-Trumpers. Both people listened to the same radio broadcast and heard two completely different messages. Or did they hear at all?

Of course, the program we share with the world called The Public Square® is not a perfect program. The people writing, producing and contributing to the programs are all imperfect people prone to the fall of man just like everyone else. We are all sinners here and none of us does our job to perfection or even close. That said, there is another element at play here. Our message is a hard one. It is not easy to hear. We call ourselves and those who choose to listen-in to a pathway toward objective, revealed, transcendent Truth. Yes, that is a capital “T” because the word is of paramount importance and it is uniquely connected to a Person, that being the Creator and Supreme Judge of the Universe. That is the way the Framers of the American idea defined Almighty God.

Our message is a hard one because it is difficult to talk about God in a world where so many would rather pretend to be him.

It is also a difficult message because we call one another to the founding precept that the American equation of civil government is built upon the biblical principle of the consent of the governed. That means, as George Washington so clearly stated: “The power of the Constitution will always be in the people” (Letter to Bushrod Washington, November 10, 1787). Which means if we don’t like what our government is doing, we have the responsibility to change the policies by replacing the people elected to represent us. And that takes time, money and effort which cuts against our lifestyle choices.

In other words, it is a lot easier to have an opinion, even to express it, than to act responsibly upon that informed conscience. That is why our message goes down hard. We recognize we all have to do something or the nation will get worse. Most people don’t want to hear that hard truth. That’s why we have spent nearly 40 years building tools and opportunities to help share and lighten this work load.

No, ours is not an easy message. Not everyone is willing to hear it. Which is why we close so many broadcasts and blogs by saying, “Thanks for listening.”

You can hear the “controversial” broadcast here.