There is no way to put a pretty picture on this one. There is no hidden, better strategy that can justify the actions of the U.S. Senate on healthcare. We can all see the man behind the curtain so there is no use to anyone pretending. The majority of U.S. Senators, who never read Obamacare in the first place, are in love with nationalized healthcare today. They love the power, the attention of the media and the fantasy that they are impacting the healthcare debate from their lofty perches high atop Capitol Hill. They cannot imagine giving all that up – especially since it costs them nothing to pretend to be so powerful.

Republicans know Obamacare is a bad idea. Even Democrats now admit the bill no one ever read has serious and dangerous flaws. But the majority of U.S. Senators, including seven who claim to be Republicans, have refused to move a finger to fix any of the problems. They wont touch Obamacare. They are considered heroes by the American Left. They are all doing victory laps in the media, so very proud that they stopped the process of fixing Obamacare.

No one got better based on what the Senate failed to do on healthcare. Yet, many of those Senators are celebrating and basking in the attention of the Leftist media. They are celebrating “not” fixing a serious problem. They have offered no alternative ideas. No, this is NOT right.