Europe has been invaded, colonized, and attacked by savages who call themselves jihadists. Their goal is the enslavement of the world in submission to Sharia. They immigrate, refuse to assimilate to European custom or laws, intimidate others to “respect” their tyrannical beliefs, and then gang rape and murder their way across France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. The jihadists, several times a year now, run over crowds or gun them down, or blow them up. And each time the governments of western Europe (and the US) scramble to find who else was in the plot…AFTER the murder has been accomplished.

And then the media joins in and worries that there might be…just maybe…an anti-Islamic “backlash”. And the leaders of Germany, France, the UK, and others are worried that the US might….just might pull out of the Paris Climate Change Accords signed by President Obama. They certainly seem to be more concerned about fictitious “climate change” than the very real, blood-thirsty threat of jihadism that is actually slaughtering their own people right now!

Meanwhile, as they fret over climate change and “islamophobia”, little English girls are blown up at a concert in Manchester; others are horribly maimed for life. But we mustn’t get mad at the jihadists and actually have a unified effort to stop them from infiltrating our countries , raping and murdering our citizens, or imposing Sharia in our courts. Why, someone just might accuse us of being racists or something.

What happened to western Europe? (You should note that several European nations have NO problem with Islamic terrorists. Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic are a few that not allowed in ANY Syrian refugees. Amazingly they have no jihadists either. And thank God for the Muslim nations of the Middle East that do not want any part of the jihadists. Thank God for Egypt, Jordan, and the UAE that is aiding us in our fight. Thank God for the Kurds who are on the front lines against ISIS and the Somalis who are rolling back al-Shebaab forces.) But why doesn’t France or Sweden or Belgium or the UK become pro-active? Why don’t they see the problem, declare war on jihadism, and uproot and exile every single person who believes in imposing Sharia on their citizens? Why is western Europe (and to an extent the US as well) so paralyzed and “content” to live with terrorism?