“We have to pass this law to find out what is in it.” Yes, that was Nancy Pelosi advising the nation on why Obamacare had to pass in the middle of the night with no time to read the 2400+-page disaster. Now the Republicans are moving forward with a roughly 200-page replacement bill and Mrs. Pelosi and her allies in the news media are pitching a fit. The process will take weeks more time, maybe months. The ideas have been on the table for seven years. The bill resembles prior legislation passed by the House multiple times in recent years. By the time a final vote is taken Mrs. Pelosi will have time to memorize the 200 pages if she actually cared.

But she doesn’t care – that much.

Nor does she care much about the lives of the unborn. Mrs. Pelosi and her colleagues promised abortion would not be a part of Obamacare but it was. She promised religious liberty would be protected but Hobby Lobby had to go all the way the US Supreme Court to finally find protection from the tyranny of Mrs. Pelosi’s healthcare bill. Now Mrs. Pelosi is standing before the House claiming the moral authority of Pope Francis. She is quoting the Pope and trying to prove that the Pontiff would vote against fixing the American healthcare debacle. This is the same Pontiff who defends the right to life and calls all members of the Catholic faith, including Mrs. Pelosi and her abortion-only party to stand for the protection of life.

Mrs. Pelosi is great on defending pre-existing conditions, unless the conditions affect a child in the womb. Then she and her abortion-only Party cannot see the life or the call of the Pontiff to protect innocent life.