This has to be written for the record. Please listen to this week’s edition of The Public Square®: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Please pay careful attention to the discussion of Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart) visiting the Lincoln Memorial. We recorded this hour-long broadcast on Monday of Inaugural week. We had no idea of the agenda of the Trump Inaugural Committee. On Thursday afternoon, after visiting Arlington National Cemetary, the new President visited the Lincoln Memorial. Review the footage. It looked like President Trump was re-enacting a scene from Frank Capra’s 1939 classic film.

That’s not the only part of the movie that is truer today than it was in 1939. A few days after the Inauguration, it is perfectly clear that the Demcrats in Congress and their allies in all the Media are dedicated to destroying the Trump Presidency. This is not about loyal opposition. It is a wholesale political war.

Those who think this will settle down in time are mistaken. Because the Radical/Progressives leaders have no moral code based upon love of God or neighbor they have no reason to play fair or respect their opponents. For Progressives: the end justifies the means, no matter who gets hurt. That is why they can gather before the cameras and scream the most extreme obscenities for all to hear. That is why CNN and the others are going to cover every moment and nearly every word and apologize later. CNN is in on the deal as are the rest of the networks. They want Trump out at all costs and they will give the radicals all the cover and coverage they need to wage a war for the hearts and minds of all Americans.

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