On April 12 of this year CBS News released the story that four in ten millennials either don’t know about or aren’t sure if they’ve heard about the Holocaust. One of the most evil things ever done on planet Earth–the extermination of six million Jews (and others) by the Nazis– and 22% of young adults in their 20s don’t know what it was.

Two thirds of millennials could not identify Auschwitz. Forty four percent thought only two million or less were murdered by the Nazis.

The study/survey, by Schoen Consulting, was conducted on 1,350 adults 18 and older between February 23 and 27 of this year.

Why is this? Why are there apparently large significant numbers of American young people who are not being taught the facts about what the National Socialists of Germany did to millions of innocent people in World War II? Are parents concerned that their kids are being cheated in their education?

And if so many American young people have no idea about the Holocaust, you can put money on it that they have no clue about the 100 million innocent people murdered in Stalin’s and Mao’s communist gulags and planned famines.

How can we turn around the deficient education our people are receiving in history?