Gorbachev is dead. He was a household word in the mid to late 1980’s. I remember hearing people swoon over him like he was some sort of savior, and others denouncing him as an Antichrist (“was that mark on his head some sort of symbol?” I actually heard people say…). He was neither, of course, and he died as all humans do.

He is actually not very well liked in Russia, since many Russians today blame him for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Still, I see headlines in Western media gushing over him as “the man who brought down the iron curtain” and peacefully allowed the break up of his country.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher brought down the iron curtain. They saw the weaknesses in the Soviet Union, and Reagan led the charge to re-arm the west, revitalize America’s economy, and with the Strategic Defense Initiative run the Soviets into the ground. And it worked. On December 25, 1991, the hammer and sickle, stained with the blood of tens of millions of innocent people, was hauled down over the Kremlin. Thank God.

Gorbachev never stopped believing in Communism. He was a thug right up to the last days of the Soviet Union. His Soviet MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) gunned down 14 innocent people January 11, 1991 in Vilnius Lithuania. On January 16 his Soviet troops murdered five more in Riga. On January 20, his murderous thugs known as OMON attacked Latvia’s Interior Ministry in Riga and killed six more innocent people. The victims were peacefully protesting for the independence of the Baltic States. And Gorbachev’s Soviet troops attacked, beat up, shot, and arrested anyone who got in the way.

The Soviets lost, of course, and many former Soviet republics became free and independent states.

But never forget that Mikhail Gorbachev never thought that the Soviet system was evil. He thought it was just fine; it just needed to be “tweaked a little”.

Reagan tweaked it a lot, however, and leveled the evil empire into the dirt.