There are always lots of reflections and opinion about the Super Bowl Halftime show every year. Here is one more, and it is simply an opinion of one viewer.

I was confused.

In many ways the Super Bowl experience is a window into the soul of American thought and culture. It remains the single most watched television experience every year. It nets more supermarket visits than any day of the year except for the Thanksgiving holiday. So, like it or not, watch it ou turn it off — the Super Bowl is a big deal.

We are talking about the 100 year anniversary of the NFL and their premium event on The Public Square right now. May we invite you to join in that conversation by visiting or by simply downloading the free phone app where you can listen anytime.

For now, let’s just say this: The issue the 2020 Halftime show brings up in my mind is the perfection culture. This is the messaging that the American media sends out (and we pay for) that tells our young people what they should look like and how they should behave. We tell them what is cool and how to fit in.

So in this year’s Super Bowl show we had pole dancing and a whole lot more. Then, when the amazing football game was over, Mickey and Minnie were waiting to give out a one million dollar grant to Make-A-Wish in honor of the MVP. Mickey and Minney looked beautiful, the camera angles were perfect, the outfits were classic, the graphics inviting and the gift they made on behalf of the Disney Corporation was touching, which lead to his question:

“Should the NFL put Disney in charge of the halftime show from now on?”