Well all the hype is over and the dust has settled, and Floyd Mayweather is still undefeated in his twenty year boxing career. He’s still the champ, and Conor McGregor should learn a lesson in humility. (But he probably won’t.) I am a student of martial arts, and a fan of all combat sports, whether it is boxing, judo, wrestling, tae kwon do, or mixed martial arts. I know a little bit about the training, dedication, strategy, tactics, and pain involved. Both Mayweather and McGregor gave us quite a show Saturday night, and I enjoyed watching every second of it.

I was surprised and impressed at Conor McGregor’s boxing skills. You must know some boxing (which is quite a science) but also kicking and grappling to be a mixed martial artist. However, just because you know some boxing, does not mean you are a master at it. McGregor was definitely able to sting Mayweather several times in the first six or seven rounds. He demonstrated great skill in slipping punches and countering with an overhand Right or with an uppercut to Mayweather’s jaw. McGregor would quickly switch his stance and jab with his left, surprising the older boxer.

But it was all for nought. Conor McGregor wore himself out in the first seven rounds, playing right into the Master’s hands. Mayweather knew the right moment to come alive after eating McGregor’s punches for seven or eight rounds. In the ninth round, Floyd Mayweather came out with a flurry of powerful punches all but destroyed Conor McGregor. The Irishman was saved by the bell. The tenth round began, and Mayweather finished him off, sending McGregor reeling around the ring in utter devastation and confusion.

This “fight of the century” as they billed it, lived up to its reputation. It also showed us quite clearly the difference between someone who is very good at what they do….and someone who is an expert.