The US Global War on Terrorism was already four years old when LT Michael Murphy, a US Navy SEAL was sent to hunt for a Taliban warlord. He and the other three SEALs were scrambling up and over the high mountains of Afghanistan when Afghan shepherds stumbled upon them. The Americans decided they could not kill the Afghans, so they let them go free while they marched quickly to a point where they could be picked up by US helicopters.

Of course, the shepherds told the Taliban where the Americans were, and soon almost 100 jihadists were pursuing 4 SEALs. It was a running gun fight, and the Americans were killing many jihadists, but they were also getting hit. After falling off the side of a mountain, twice, the Americans radioed for help. Their satellite phones would not work in the deep crevasses of the mountains. LT Michael Murphy knew they would all be killed if he did not reach American forces soon…so he crawled out on an open ledge…in full view of the enemy…to use his cell phone to call for help. He got help on the phone and radioed his position, as the Taliban shot him. He calmly finished the call, said “thank you” before he hung up, and went back to finish the fight.

But the shots were fatal. He died on June 28, 2005, soon after completing the call. Fortunately one sailor, Marcus Luttrell, survived the battle and was miraculously rescued. It is because Marcus lived that we know of the heroism of his other three teammates who died fighting for freedom.

For his actions above and beyond the call of duty, LT Michael Murphy received our nation’s highest award for valor, the Medal of Honor. Don’t forget him, and the others who have fought and died for freedom in our war against the jihadists.