“The problem with the world is America. So the person who ‘discovered’ this place and all the Europeans that followed are really to blame. In other words, the answer for modern man is remove all the white people or at least subjegate them to their new rulers of color. Then there will be justice.”

This is the message of a young protestor who destroyed the oldest monument of Christopher Columbus in America. It is his own message and he even includes a reading list of books so that we can all be re-educated and follow along.

You can download the video right here and watch and listen for yourself. I offer no editorial opinion here whatsoever. Watch the video and decide for yourself. If the video is a fake – then let the facts be brought forward and we will print them here. In the meantime – here is the agenda and the action in the words of a protestor against America, who gives full credit to his associates and all the “teachers” that have informed his opinions and actions.