Wrap up all the protest, the marches, violence, smoke and blood. The people in the streets and their spokespeople on cable news all boil down their mission to a single word: Justice. What a word, what a concept what a vision. So what is justice and where does it come from? Is Justice simply getting one’s own way in a social setting or contest? Is Justice simply getting to the top of the ladder and having the power to look down upon others? Did people invent the concept of Justice and how does it fit into the evolutionary model of the survival of the fittest?

King Solomon had a thought about Justice. He said it this way: “Many seek an audience with a ruler, but it is from the Lord that man gets Justice” (Prov. 29:26). This passes raises the ancient question, “How can we define Justice without a Judge?” How do we evaluate what is happening on America’s streets and in the media driven news without a standard scale of value?