Back in 1980 my parents and I went camping. A relative came with us…she was a hardened atheist. An admitted communist, actually. Yes, that did make for an interesting camping trip; so long as we steered clear of politics or religion we did just fine.

One day we were putting dinner out on the picnic table, and we heard church bells in the distance. I really did not pay attention to it. “She”, however, was lost in thought with a very peaceful look on her face. I had not seen such a peaceful look on her in years. “What’s wrong?”, I asked. “That song…the church bells…listen. They’re playing ‘Lamb of God’ “. I listened. Then she sang, as if in a dream, “…oh Lamb of God, I come….I come.”

“Oh that’s Billy Graham’s song. ‘Just As I Am.’ They play it at the end of every one of his crusades.” Immediately she snapped out of it. Her scowl returned. But for a moment, that song, that she remembered from her childhood, had melted her heart.