No contest. I know Jim Jordan. I have known him since before he was in politics, when he was a wrestling coach and a home school dad. Wrestlers around the nation know the Jordan boys. They are more than survivors. They are champions and they are no strangers to overcoming pain and doing what others refuse to do. Jim Jordan should be Donald Trump’s best friend. Jim knows more about the legislative process and how to do the right thing the right way than Donald Trump can hope to learn in the next eight years. Attacking Jim and the Freedom Caucus for holding the White House and Paul Ryan accountable is beyond absurd.

Donald Trump and his senior staff are messing with the wrong guy. People in Ohio’s 4th district will do whatever it takes to keep Jim Jordan in Congress. They will not be bullied by anyone including the new President, his team and all the U.S. media. Jim has taken on all these people before. Check the scoreboard. Jordan will not tap out.

He is the kind of man that should be Speaker of the House in this turbulent time. He is just too humble to think he should ever be given that opportunity. If he was Speaker, the President would never have gotten into this mess. Fighting Jordan and his colleagues, who are honest public servants could become Donald Trump’s demise. It is certainly among his greatest mistakes to date.

As we pray for Congress over these 40 days, let’s remember Jim and his colleagues who are being unjustly attacked. Pray that eyes will be opened to the truth that will set us all free.