Recent news reports reveal that about 40% of Americans have dropped out of “social media” in the last year or so. Count us among them. In a recent edition of The Public Square titled, “The Circle -Breaking Free” we announced that APR and The Public Square are now leaving Facebook. It will take a while but we are on the way out. Many of our staff are leaving as well. Some of us have never been a part of “social media” to start.

Listeners to The Public Square have been writing in to thank us and encourage us in this move against the high tech giants. Is this a boycott? Nope. We are not ever coming back.
Why? Because we can no longer put our friends and families at risk. The subjects we discuss every week on The Public Square and here on our several websites are important. They are the stuff of life. We don’t want such conversations readily exposed to high tech “Sponge Organizations” that suck up every piece of data to warehouse, manipulate, sell to others and use for their own political agenda.

To keep on “social media” would hardly be loving our neighbor. So we are in the process of being gone. You can find us at our websites 24/7. You can email us and write us and call us on a toll free number. We don’t data mine you. We don’t sell your information or give it to anyone. All our sites are free for your use and contain no outside ad spaces. You can sign up and request the Monthly Update in print form and/or online, every month, free of charge.

Tune it to hear “The Circle” Series at
(But don’t post it on Facebook, please.)