The impeachment process has been fully exposed. The proceedings work like this: the House Democrats will create any set of charges they like based upon any available resource. You can call it a “whistleblower” report — even though it is not. The facts don’t matter. Neither does the law. The process is simple: make a bunch of charges and begin an investigation. It does not matter how far the charges are from the truth. All that matters is to force people to answer so many ridiculous charges that eventually they make a mistake. They cross wires on a date or explanation, they fail to disclose some obscure and meaningless document, anything will do. Then the House Dems spring the only trap they have in this entire process which is to charge the Trump Administration with obstruction of justice. The entire goal of this entire fiasco is to impeach the President and convict his associates for failing to do everything the House Leadership demands.

The Democrats revealed their strategy last night through their number one media spokesperson: Rachel Maddow of MSNBC (owned by Comcast). Last night, just hours after the first day of hearings Ms. Maddow was only concerned with a single subject: obstruction of justice. This is the tell. The Democrats have nothing. There is no set-up to a trap door. They are not going to help us all see a Presidential Administration that has broken the law. If they could do so — we would all be listening. But there is no smoking gun, no great reveal, no there-there. This is a game of bullying. Push your opponents around so long that they finally trip up and say something that justifies pounding the tar out of them. If you ever spent much time on a school yard playground — you have seen this game. Now we are watching the majority Party in Congress perfect it and hand us the bill.