The Philippines is the only country in Asia in which the vast majority professes belief in the Christian faith. However, their is a sizable minority of Muslims, living primarily on the southern island of Mindanao. The Muslims there far outnumber the Christians, and consequently jihadists have found another foothold in another country.

As ISIS is squeezed out of Iraq by Iraqi, Kudish, and US forces, and out of Syria by Syrian, Russian, Krdish, and US forces…they have redeployed to other areas of the world. Most notably to the Philippines! For awhile they even captured some cities, holding Christians and even some of their fellow Muslims hostage. President Duterte of the Philippines has launched a counter offensive in which territory is slowly being regained, but cities are being reduced to rubble by artillery and airstrikes. In the city of Marawi, some 1,700 hostages have been liberated and over 600 jihadist-terrorists have been killed.

The battle is far from over as the Filipino Army slowly flushes out terrorists who had found a safe haven to build up their strength.