Many of us have seen this before. Some of us have seen it twice. There have only been two Presidents (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton) impeached or brought up on charges to the U.S. Senate. Neither one was convicted and removed from office.

Then there was Richard Nixon in 1974. He was charged in the House Judiciary Committee. Before the vote got to the full House, the President resigned and was on the helicopter out of Washington D.C.

The difference was this: The House Judiciary Committee passed the charges for impeachment by a significant bi-partisan vote. President Nixon knew he had lost the support of his own party as well as the Democrats.

Given the charges we have heard to date, does anyone think that a two-thirds majority of the Senate (67 votes) will convict Donald Trump and force him to leave office? Anything we have heard to date that will force President Trump to start looking for that helicopter ride out of town?