An American President has been impeached three times since 1787 and many of us have seen two of them. There is so much to consider in the impeachment events of this day and yet so little of what has been said matters at all. From the start, this process has been about partisanship and power and not about the Constitution and the rule of law.

This evening, Rachel Maddow, the lead spokesperson of the Comcast media network, reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is considering “holding” the impeachment articles and not sending them to the Senate. According to Maddow and others, it appears the Speaker is not willing to “send the articles” to the Senate until such time as she has specific assurances as to the process of the trial in the Senate.

All day long the Impeachers have been wrapping themselves in the flag and the Constitution. Yet nowhere does the Constitution give the House Speaker the authority to dictate the terms of the Senate trial. So Mrs. Pelosi’s faithfulness to the responsibilities of the Constitution lasted how long?