If there is no Creator, does America makes sense?

Recently I pulled out an old copy of Ben Stein’s movie Expelled. It had been a long time since I watched it so I watched it again. This movie is a bit of a puzzle. Seldom has anyone put together so compelling a piece on a debate that is raging through academia and done so — with a light-hearted and sincerely curious approach.

The movie took me back to the radio work we have done over the years on this subject. The national broadcast of the God Delusion Debate with Dr. Richard Dawkins and several of our interviews with Oxford professor Dr. John Lennox to name a few.

And the film took me back again to The Declaration of Independence. The rationale doctrine for the creation of the United States. The Declaration is the reason for America and it is the promise of America to all people. And in the very beginning of the promise we find the Creator. This One, the Creator revealed and defined in the Bible is the foundation of the self-evident truths that give all of us our identity, our rights, our liberties and our responsibilities.

Said most simply, if there is no Creator, then America as it exists in the Declaration and the Constitution – as an agreement among people to live in the quest for justice under the rule of law — simply falls apart. So for people who consider “the God issue” to be simply an optional conversation, or a place to turn when times get tough…here is a news flash from 1776. If we lose God, if we take Him out of the equation, we lose our reason for being here and for being American.

Ben Stein says it well, better than most and surely better than I just tried to. You can still find his movie Expelled. I hope you will view and share it the people you love the most.