The Media in the United States is in a downward spiral. They have magnetized their minds to the elimination of Donald Trump. Their singular focus is well beyond the balance of mental health, they are out of bounds in their infatuation. They wake up thinking about him and go to sleep dreaming about him.

But what if he disappeared tomorrow?

America is not about a single leader. That is part of the premise of our form of government. It is part of the promise of the Declaration of Independence. The first and greatest President of the United States lived this example. He led America to victory against the British and then he went home.. He carefully and quietly guided the Constitutional Convention and then he went home. He served reluctantly as the first Chief Executive and then he went home. Shortly after that he was gone.

The greatest was the never number one in his own mind. He was never the singular focus of the American press until he was gone.
Donald Trump does not define America nor the American system of government. No president ever has, nor ever can, unless we the people lose our way and our minds and our history.