OK, so this blog is just a shameless promotion about my hometown of Savannah Georgia. Last month I went down there for a Young Life reunion (Young Life is a Christian organization for high school kids; I was a student and then a leader for a number of years). Some of the people I saw I had not seen in well over 30 years. What a great time we had! Nobody had changed a bit! (Almost.)

Anyway, it was great going to see my old haunts. I had a fried oyster sandwich and a bowl of crab soup at the Crystal Beer Parlor. (I don’t drink alcohol, but that place has some of the best food anywhere. Plus, none of the decor has changed in decades, thank God.) I also ate at Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House (now owned by Paula Dean and called Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining House). Oh my gosh, the collard greens, black-eyed peas, Savannah red rice, okra/tomatoes/corn, corn bread, REAL fluffy fluffy fluffy biscuits, fried chicken, and corn bread dressing was just as lip-smacking as I remembered it. And the hostess who sat us all at the same table put us where Mama and Daddy and I would sit. (How did they know?)

I went on my weekly run down Bay Street, then Bull Street, all the way down to Forsyth Park (where the beautiful fountain is), then back up past the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (where I would hang out at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade), and then back to Factor’s Walk and River Street. Along the way I passed by the home of Juliet Gordon Low (founder of the Girl Scouts), Temple Mickve Israel (third oldest synagogue in the western hemisphere), and a host of beautiful squares with their beautiful homes. It was great to see all the old sights again, and to see how Savannah has really bloomed. It truly is a destination city now, and I see how it has blossomed into the amazingly beautiful city we all knew it would be.

So, if you are looking for a great city to visit (and a nice beach not too far away–Tybee Island), I heartily recommend you visit Savannah. You can make side trips to Hilton Head (basically across the river) and Charleston too (another beautiful city), but the food, history lessons, and charm of Savannah just can’t be beat.

I sure had a good time…can’t wait to go back again!