I just started reading Ibram X. Kendi’s book How to be an AntiRacist. Two chapters into the book I must say that Mr. Kendi is a gifted writer/storyteller. He captured my attention from the very first sentence with a fascinating story from his teen years.

This blog, and succeeding articles will be a critique of both the positives that I find in the book (for example, I did not know his parents grew up as devout evangelical Christians), as well as some glaring negatives that I am already seeing. (Mr. Kendi throws out some serious allegations without any historical documentation.)

It appears to me that this book is more of a narrative or autobiography, and not a serious historical analysis. If it were a serious treatment of history I would expect copious footnotes documenting the charges or stories he is telling.

In spite of that, I think it is always a good thing to read a book by someone who may have a different opinion than one’s own. What is there to be afraid of? Read. Examine. Challenge and debate. Back up your claims with facts and logic. Free thinking and freedom loving people embrace these concepts. Tyrants don’t.