It is a privilege for me to preach once a month at a drug and alcohol treatment center. What a blessing it is to hold a worship service at New Destiny Treatment Center in Clinton Ohio. They have about 60 men who actually live there and go through a nine month process to be free from their addictions. Some of these men are heroin addicts, some are into meth or cocaine. Others are alcoholics or a combination of alcohol and drugs. All need the Lord.

I came ready to preach and lead the music. They shouted out their favorite hymns. They wanted to sing “Are You Washed in the Blood?”, “What a Day That Will Be”, and “Victory in Jesus”. Man you should have heard them. We had no piano player that night, but that’s okay…they were singing their hearts out. (Maybe you did hear them!) When it came time for prayer requests we were writing down one request after another about their family and friends, and then we all prayed together for those requests.

They are every age group, every race, and every economic background.

Most hung on every word of the sermon. Some of these guys don’t “make it”. Some of them, tragically, go right back into their drug addicted lifestyle. But others….others do make it. Some two years after their treatment, about 60% of the graduates from New Destiny have not gone back into their old lifestyle. That might have something to do with the Jesus they talk about there.

There is hope for the opioid epidemic in out nation. If you have a godly Christ-centered addiction treatment center in your area…please support it. The men and women there could really use your help. And you will be greatly blessed.