Tax reform smax reform… Who cares about tax reform if the First Amendment rights of millions of Americans are destroyed in the process? That unfortunately is what the Establishment Republicans and their Progressive Democrat friends are about to do to America. They are about to either a) pass a tax bill that expands the power of the IRS to strip free-speech rights from real people who work with or for non-profits organizations, schools, churches, synagogues and ministries or b) not pass a tax bill and not pass the repeal of the Johnson Amendment. This would leave the anti-constitutional temper tantrum of Lyndon Johnson on the books in the IRS Code.

So thanks for nothing to the Republicans leaders of the U.S. Congress and especially to the Progressive Republican Establishment wing which is doing a tremendous job giving Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, CNN, ABC/Disney and the rest of the Hollywood-driven media everything they want this Christmas. And please note — “the conservative wing” of the Republican Party and their alleged media and organizational allies are permitting this slaughter of the innocent First Amendment to happen without raising any notable protest.

If you sense we are angry, frustrated and way past outrage, then you are picking up the signal. We expect the Progressives to be working to destroy Liberty. They have been doing that for over 100 years. It is much more difficult to endure the silence from Capitol Hill, Talk Radio, FOX News and all the talking heads on this critical point of Constitutional Liberty. Even those ministries that claim so many Christian and conservative credentials are looking the other way on this one.

Who care about tax reform if the trade off is your Liberty?