Given enough time most really bad ideas will manifest themselves as such. Two scoops of ice cream on a 90 degree day starts out like a great idea — but not if the order is to-go. Real space, real time and real people have a way of punching holes in the most glib and glittery ideas.

Now let’s turn to the endless “debates” we have been watching on television from both political parties going all the way back to 2016. Having sadly watched nearly all of them I can honestly say that this idea is not working. Bringing a dozen or even a half-dozen or even the two eventual nominees before the cable and network media personalities is an abysmal experience. It is painful for everyone.

So far the Democrat debates of 2020 have been chaotic, bitter, staged, angry, (did we say chaotic?) shouting matches of child-like proportion. Note to the political parties: People don’t like seeing their “leaders” act like a bunch of grade-schoolers in a playground fight.
It’s embarrassing.

Some people contend this is all Donald Trump’s fault or that FOX News is to blame. Well, if we are going to use that playground logic, then how about this response: If FOX News and Donald Trump jumped off a bridge does that mean you ALL have to follow?

The media in America has become so partisan and self-absorbed that they can no longer conduct an objective and civil debate for the Presidency. They have been given plenty of time and opportunities to prove otherwise. The debates of 2020 prove they just can’t do it.