It has come to this. The historic Christ Church has removed the plaque commemorating the membership of George Washington, the First President of the United States. The sight of his name and the history of his attendance in the Alexandria church now makes some people uncomfortable so it has to go. What is next? For those who think the actions of Antifa, the mainstream media, the George Soros/Sal Alinsky Progressive Left are just a trend of passing fancy — well?

It is difficult to acknowledge that some people living in this country hate America and want to destroy this nation. They have no replacement model. They have no utopian structure that will guarantee a perfect people or a perfect world where no one will ever make a mistake, fall into hatred or fear, or take advantage of someone else. They just protest the fact that America is not perfect and not worthy of their support. For them if America is not perfect then tear it all down, starting with the Founders. This is the mindset of utopianism – the demand for the perfect or nothing.

Might this be the logical result of a prosperous people who a) never earned their prosperity and b) never learned the history and the struggle of those who came before them?