So the Democrats had to come up with a response to President Trump’s first address to Congress. How easy should that have been? After eight years of the most elegant rhetoric from President Obama surely the Democrats would have someone in the wings to counter the new, rhetorically-challenged Donald Trump.

The Democrats seemed primed for the event. The ladies of the House all dressed in Hillary’s Vatican white attire. The Democrats refused to applaud the President. They sat in protest as he called for the support of law enforcement and then left the hall immediately after the speech in total disrepect. Their whole act had the creativity of a junior high school student council.

Their real opportunity to shine, however, was their official response. They chose a former Governor, sitting in a near empty diner in Kentocky who lectured us about our “democracy”. He never called Obamacare by name. Suddenly Democrats only want to talk about the Affordable Care Act and how it gave healthcare to 22 million people. Well, thats less than half the 47 million people they promised to help. What about the 25 million they left behind?

And this from a near empty, poorly-lit diner?