Twelve Presidential debates are coming from the Democrats. They will begin in June of THIS year. So the Presidential campaign will be in full media swing for 16 months according to the Democrats. Why so early and so many ? There are lots of reasons including the fact that every Democrat debate will dominate the news cycle for several days. The debates will make the Progressive Left a lot of money in advertising as well. But perhaps the biggest reason that will likely never be reported is this: by starting the election cycle so early, the Democrats in the U.S. Senate will be able to freeze any potential nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Democrats in the Senate will claim this is payback to Mitch McConnell who refused to hear testimony for Merrick Garland, the last Obama-nominee to the Court in the run up to the 2016 Election. Garland was nominated in February of 2016 but no hearings were ever held.

Turn about will be fair play. The Republicans began their debates for the 2016 Election in August of 2015. The Democrats are staring two months earlier. This is the insurance policy the Democrats will use against the failing health of Justice Ginsberg. If she leaves the Court, the Democrats are safe once the first debate begins in June of 2019. They will use their powerful allies in the U.S. Media to persuade a few Progressive Republicans Senators to refuse to support any more Trump nominees. The Court will be frozen on USSC nominees from Donald Trump in just 12 weeks. That’s how long Justice Ginsberg needs to hold on to her job and not much longer.