Recently I came across a horrible story from our nation’s past. At first I wondered if it were really true (so much on the internet is myth, you know). But the more I looked it up, the more the story was confirmed. In 1891 Americans in New Orleans, Louisiana carried out a mob murder of 11 men who were in jail. Nine of the men were shot, the other two were lynched.

These men were Italian immigrants who had been accused of murdering or conspiring to murder David Henessey, the former New Orleans chief of police. The men went to trial, but the jury could not decide that the men were guilty. Rather than let them go free, a mob of at least a thousand people in New Orleans stormed the jail and killed these men. Later the press was entirely on the side of the mob! A majority of people that day decided that they were the law, that they knew what was best, that they could and would deprive people of their rights and murder them in cold blood.

Today we have the same thing going on with other people in our nation. In the U.S. today if you are born here you are automatically granted citizenship. And yet, according to the recently passed abortion laws in New York state, one can legally take the life of an innocent US citizen without a trial. No presumption of innocence. No formal charges brought. No jury trial. No lawyers provided for the accused who is about to be put to death. The current law of New York state now says that a child can be aborted, killed, while in the birth canal. The current law of New York state now says that a child that is BORN in that state (which automatically makes it a U.S. citizen) can be put to death if the mother wants it.

This is what we have come to? The state can now execute innocent U.S. citizens without a trial? Apparently so.