One of the most notorious and powerful players in the COVID-19 crisis has been Dr. Amy Acton, Director of the Ohio Department of Health. It was not Dr. Acton’s expertise at any level that gave her such standing in the national debate. Rather it was a completely outdated portion of the Ohio Revised Code that gave the State Director of the Ohio Department of Health ultimate authority regarding policies on quarantines and isolation.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine seized upon that single line of flawed and unconstitutional language and became nothing short of a dictator. He used Dr. Acton to sign endless edicts to shut down the Ohio economy costing millions their jobs and threatening the health and welfare of millions more. Governor DeWine used Dr. Acton because the Governor has no legal authority in matters of quarantine or isolation according to the law. Rather than change the law, the Governor used the loophole and Dr. Acton. Tragically, the Ohio House led by Speaker Larry Householder and the Ohio Senate led by Larry Obhoff have done little to date to resolve this abuse of power. Multiple bills have been introduced to resolve this crisis but the Republican House and Senate leadership have refused to take action.

Now Dr. Acton is gone. And the true story about COVID-19 is leaking out in the national media. Tucker Carlson said it best in this recent article. Carlson summarized the entire fiasco in a single line: “We have been lied to”. Most people run away from this statement. Many conservative business leaders placed their trust in the academic docs and their Republican friends in power. Carlson lays out the evidence we have been trying to help people see since early March. We have been lied to and the politicians in power are now trying desperately to cover up their falsehoods.

In Ohio at least four significant lawsuits have now been filed against Dr. Acton and Mike DeWine. So far, state courts are exposing and rejecting the power grabs by state officials. Governor DeWine chose a lawyer, not a doctor to replace Amy Acton. It looks like that was a good choice. Given the ferocity of the lawsuits that are coming against the state for the COVID abuses of power, the Governor is going to need all the legal help he can get.

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