Funny, how in an age of over-inflated self-esteem, the acts of kindness that really matter, that are really important are so often overlooked. We somehow look at the “crowd” of mass media and see our reflection as small and unimportant. If you are reading this blog, (which obviously you are) then you are very important to us. Even if you are monitoring this site for people who disagree with every principle we stand upon, even if your intentions are nothing but harmful, you still matter to God and to all the rest of us.

The truth is “all men and women are created equal” by the living, active, real Creator who made us all in His image. This is one of the self-evident truths upon which rests the American system of government. Every person matters to God. Every story of human life carries the divine spark of creation, purpose and destiny. And no one, not one single, solitary life, abides on this planet or exits this space without His notice and care.

When you take the time to care about your government and the way we are treating our neighbors here on earth, you are doing a good thing, a noble thing. When you give of your time, when you talk to a friend, when you support this work of the Roundtable and The Public Square, your giving matters. It matters to God. It matters to us and it matters to the nation. No gift, no sacrifice ever goes unnoticed and here at The Public Square. Every gift, no matter how large or small is deeply respected and appreciated. Your efforts truly matter.

Thank you.