Who knew Betsy DeVos was a part of Lucifer’s legion of soul snatchers? Who could have imagined that this women was secretly hiding in the woods stirring a cauldron of potients and spells to destroy public education as we know it? (Cue the creepy music please).

Or who could have imagined that she would be the first cabinet officer, selected by a seated President, to require a Vice-President to cast the tie breaking vote in the Senate to assure her confirmation. The first time in U.S. history. This actually tells us more about how totally out of touch the U.S.Senate is from reality than anything about Secretary DeVos. The reality is another reformer has gotten over the wall. Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence made and secured a bold nomination of a woman who has dedicated her professional career to school choice for parents and children. In spite of the endless howling of the unions, school choice has done great good in America.

The concept of taxpayers controlling their education dollars and parents choosing what is best for children makes so much sense that is it embarrassing to have to state it as an argument. We made that argument on behalf of the Cleveland Scholarship Plan in six separate court rooms over a decade ago. It was the Ohio school choice plan that made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and was a major victory not just for education reform but for religious liberty as well. We were there in the beginning with Milwaukee, Ohio and Florida. We stood on the Courthouse steps when a federal judge threw thousands of kids out of school and tried to shut school choice down. We were there on the front row for the arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court. We know this issue from the start and know that great good has come from it for parents and children.

After the confirmation of Secretary DeVos, the head of the NEA made this statement:”We are putting Betsy DeVos on notice. We are going to hold her accountable on behalf of our more than 50 million students.” (Sunshine State News, Feb.7, 2017)

Hmmm… that certainly does raise the question as to who holds the NEA accountable for the role they play in controlling the politicians and the funding for public education. Where exactly does that Court of inquiry convene?