If Americans had only known… How could the media and Congress ever let a President-elect get away with this? How could such business and land holdings ever be permitted outside of a conflict of interest? How could the people have permitted George Washington to maintain his property and business at Mt.Vernon? How could they have permitted Thomas Jefferson to continue to own Monticello? How could they have missed applying this modern formula to prior Presidents? Once elected, a President must instantly make all his or her business holdings and dealings disappear so that there can be no potential, perceived or insinuated conflict of interest. Is such a rule or doctrine to be found in the U.S.Constitution? If it is, how could Americans have missed it from 1787 until today?

Or is this entire discussion a prefix for the coming attacks on President Donald Trump and his family? Once again, this is not about people not knowing history or the Constitution. This is about the media and the Progressives disregarding the very notion of historical value in prior documents or practice. Remember, history is largely irrelevant to Progressives. Every day Progressives awaken in a new and better world, just because they are here. What is past is irrelevant, unless they can rewrite it or reinterpret it for their own purposes. All that matters to the Progressives is what their current vision is of the future.

So in their world, Progressives see a day when the President of the United States must enter office a pauper, divested of all assets and wholly dependent upon the federal government. This is their idea of an honest person, best in the position to serve “the American people”. One who owns nothing and therefore is not at risk of a conflict of interest.