The lawlessness inspired by COVID Governors is now running rampant across the country. In Ohio the pro-COVID Governor is claiming a 10pm business curfew. In Pennsylvania the Health Director is banning anyone entering the state without a negative COVID-test. In Akron, Ohio the CITY COUNCIL is banning gatherings in homes of more than six people and requiring that people wear masks in their own homes.

When they are caught and exposed for their anti-constitutional measures these pro-COVID politicians have no legal defense. These measures are abuses of political power built upon vengeance. These measures are designed to punish people who will not comply with the new found powers of COVID dictators.

This is now a deadly serious business. People will recover from COVID-19 at a rate of 98.5% to 99%. This is uncontested and irrefutable science. What will never recover is the American Republic built upon the rule of law. The COVID Warriors are no longer working for public health. They are now seeking to force people into compliance. They are forcing people to surrender their civil liberties.

Should we be shutting America down because of a rise in COVID-19 cases? We just finished an interview with Dr. Chuck McGowen, the first physician who went on air with us in the very first episode of the COVID Chronicles Series. He will help us answer this question. You don’t want to miss this update on The Public Square®. You will find it on Friday at, or on over 200 stations nationwide or or the FREE phone app. Just look for The Public Square® in your app store.