How long can Central Florida’s economy survive the lock down forced by President Trump, Governor DeSantis and Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings?

Disney’s closing started an economic collapse that resulted in a 14% hotel occupancy rate in March. Now the region’s largest employer is sending thousands of workers to the unemployment lines. The state is not only losing their biggest revenue source but now must pay thousands of unemployment claims because the Mayor, the Governor and the President have given no clear sign of when they intend to permit businesses to reopen. Here is how the Orlando Sentinel described the chaos:

“For five weeks, most Disney World workers continued to get paid while the theme parks shut down March 16 and the hotels on March 20. On Friday, Disney confirmed it doesn’t have a re-opening date set following a stay-at-home order by Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings to stop the spread of the virus. Instead, Disney World is closed ‘until further notice.’”

So how long will the COVID Chaos continue? How can the State of Florida survive without its biggest source of revenue and soaring unemployment claims?

The “COVID Crowd” will respond to this question with predictable hatred and rage. They accuse anyone who steps outside the COVID quarantine of murder. Even asking a question out loud is subject to their prosecution. They cannot see nor do they care that their “flat curve” models are a flat earth approach to a much more complicated problem.

The flat-curvers hold all the media power today. Thanks to COVID-19 and the one-dimensional response of politicians and the media, the taxpayers of Florida are getting their economy destroyed and being handed the bill.

“What is YOUR answer?” seethes the COVID Crowd. It is really quite basic. Some challenges require doing two or three things at the same time. Responsible Social Distancing plus, protecting the most vulnerable to the disease, plus increasing hospital capacity can all be done at the same time. The vaccines are all coming. New drugs are working. We can overcome this challenge and those that will follow.

Granted, the theme park economy of Central Florida is the toughest COVID challenge of all. Except maybe a New York subway. But sooner or later the COVID Crowd has to come out from under their covers and recognize that every movement in life contains a degree of risk.

What if the Mayor, the Governor and the President gave the imagineers at Disney a crack at solving their own problems for a change? Who knows? The Mouseketeers might come up with some amazing ways of overcoming this challenge. And they would probably give their solutions away to the rest of the world for free or perhaps for the price of admission.