The Republican Leadership, the Freedom Caucus, The Republican Study Group and the Trump Adminstration all decided to give non-profits, Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, schools and colleges and thousands of ministries and missions a collective lump of coal this Christmas. Regardless of how many times they say “Merry Christmas” or pretend their “tax reform” measure is a gift to America the truth is: Non-profits, churches and ministries got a big boatload of coal from the Republicans and the Democrats combined.

Republicans are just as much a part of the Elite Ruling Class as the Progressive Democrats. They talk different but when it comes to maintaining the elite control of the political process the Republicans are for their Party first. The Constitution and the people come in a distant second and third. These are hard words and true words. We have lived amidst this reality for almost 40 years.

The failure to repeal the Johnson Amendment is just one more proof of Republican Elitism. They all agree that the Johnson Amendment was a “vengeance law” and NEVER should have been placed in the IRS Code. BUT here is the catch. The Johnson Amendment has proven to be a poweful tool to keep citizens, organizations, churches, synagogues, schools and ministries from speaking out on the political life of the nation. The IRS has done a masterful job, aided by the Progressive Left in making sure that non-profits remain terrified of the boogey man. Fear of audits, IRS revocations, litigation and millions in legal bills, keep non-profits in line. They don’t talk politics because their government has made them afraid to speak out.

The Republicans could have ended this IRS reign of terror but they chose not to. Why? Because they claim they are afraid that non-profits will become centers for political speech that will impact campaigns and elections. They are afraid that major donors will give their money to non-profits and get tax deductions for those contributions. Then the non-profits will use those dollars to speak out into the electoral process. Politicians claim they don’t want that tax-deductible pass through of contributions to campaigns.


But that was never the issue with the Johnson Amendment. Those 31-words have always been designed to silence freedom of speech, regardless of a dime being spent to do so. The Johnson Amendment is a silencer that kills civil liberties long before a dime is ever spent. Dealing with the contributions side, which is a side effect of lots of other laws Congress has passed since the 1970’s, is the EASY part of fixing the Johnson Amendment. We can fix the “pass-through” problem in about 15 minutes.

But easy or hard, the Republicans don’t want to repeal this measure. What are they afraid of? They don’t want to lose control over political speech in America and they don’t want Free Agents competing with their corrupt monopoly.

So its coal for Christmas if you believe in the First Amendment instead of the GOP as Santa Claus.