Disclaimer: Whoever wins the U.S. Presidency, the sun will come up on November 4th and the battle for the Republic will continue. The following is an observation about the 2020 campaign, not to be construed as an endorsement of either candidate because we do not endorse candidates and have not for the past 40 years. We do, however, engage in the public debate over IDEAS because IDEAS are the platform upon which America is constructed.

So here is an idea. No one likes voting for people hiding behind a mask, figuratively or literally. The Media Elites have attempted to make masks, any mask, or any excuse for a mask a symbol of love, patriotism, even divine virtue, but the people who actually work for a living know better. Doctors and nurses know better. Sanitation workers know better. So do bank tellers, first responders, restaurant owners, school teachers and the list goes on and on. We all know the masks are symbolic. They mask anxiety. They convey compliance and protect us from being criticized or even arrested. They signal that we are trying to get through this mess and not make it any worse.

But masks are also a symbol of false promises, failed leadership and political and media bullying. They tell us that things can get worse again and the government is watching. They remind us to be afraid and the politicians who live behind masks are having a very hard time articulating hope. The problem for masked politicians is that the COVID-19 crisis stands to get better which makes stoking political or economic fear of the future a more difficult task by the hour. The history of science and viruses tells us this is so. All the honest projections on infection rates, death rates and vaccine development tell us so. And the practical experiences of people who are facing COVID-19 and overcoming it tell us so.

So forget all the negative ads, the convention bumps and the debate hype and coverage. The candidates who appear on screen and in public safely distanced but refusing to hide behind the mask may prove to be the winners on Election Day. Just because they refused to comply with the media-driven spirit of fear and instead helped people breathe in the reality of hope.