I remember well how I was picked on in grade school and in junior high because of my size (I was usually the shortest boy). So, I have a special place in my heart for all the “outcasts” in school who are the brunt of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse.

That is why I have taught martial arts to kids for the past several years. In my “Grace Martial Arts VBS” program I teach kids age 8-12 how to stand up to bullies and defend themselves. In addition to Bible lessons about courageous Bible heroes (it is VBS after all), the kids learn lessons in how to avoid, confuse, escape from, and defeat bullies.

In my 2 hour seminar I condense a week’s worth of lessons to just the basic blocks, strikes, takedowns, and escapes that will enable a child to escape from or defeat an attacker. If you are interested in this program or seminar you may contact me at besafedefense316@gmail.com.