It’s not in the news that often, but there actually is a baby shortage in many developed nations all over the world. In fact, in some nations the falling birthrate is so critical that in just a generation or two those nations may decrease in their populations by a third, or perhaps even by half (or more).

For example, South Korea has the awful honor of having the lowest birthrate in the entire developed world. It is .81 as of 2021. That means that by the end of this century South Korea could fall from a nation of 50 million to only 25 million (North Korea currently has a population of around 25 million).

Japan is next with a birthrate of 1.3. That nation of 128 million is on track to having only 53 million by the year 2100. Communist China was looking like an economic powerhouse just a few years ago, but many cracks are beginning to show in that nation–not the least is its declining population. They lose 400,000 people each year, and with a birthrate of only 1.3 they could have a population of only 600-700 million by the year 2100.

Most of Europe is not reproducing at the replacement rate (the replacement rate must be at least 2.1). Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, and Greece head the list of nations that will lose massive populations within the next generation.

And here in the US we currently have the lowest birthrate on record: 1.6.

What’s causing all this decline? High taxation, high cost of housing (when housing is available), low wages (in many countries), and…a decline in young people seeing the need or having the desire to get married and raise a family.

Where will the factory workers, the farmers, the construction workers, the soldiers and sailors, the schoolteachers, and every other occupation that keeps a country going….come from, if we don’t have the babies now?

What will happen to all these massive social security “safety nets” that nations have created if there aren’t enough workers to fund them?

Better get back to making the babies…