Since 1912 the Progressive movement has been the dominant force of American politics. The Progressives gave us TR, FDR, LBJ, BHO, the Clintons and with them, the administrative, caretaker State.

Of course, after 116 years the bills have also come due. We have spent trillions on controlling free markets and safety nets, the Great Society, the War on Poverty and Nationalized Health Care. And we have over 20 Trillion in debts thanks largely to those policies and a terrifying due bill on Social Security thanks to Congress stealing the money from the people’s Trust.

So what is it that Progressives want? Ask them and they will tell you they want justice, equality, fairness, and world peace. Who can disagree? The question has never been about the goals. The question has always been about the means or the way to get to those ideals.

Who does not want justice? But how do we get there?

Currently the Progressives are obsessed with the idea that the fastest way from here to justice is to destroy their enemies and any ideas they proffer. Summarized best by Hillary Clinton: They will worry about civility once they are back in control of the U.S. House and Senate.

So for 112 years the Progressives have been driving the train of American public life. They have dominated both political parties, the media, academia, the high tech companies organized labor and much of the Christian Church of nearly all denominations in the U.S.

After 112 years in pursuit of the lofty goals of justice, equality and fairness, all brought to us by the Progressive Administrative State — is it fair to ask: Are we there yet?