I have been reading a very disturbing news story, and every major news outlet is carrying it: Reuters, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News, CNBC, CNN, Fox…you name it. The U.S. will completely run out of diesel fuel in 25 days. Many of these stories were written five days ago, so if their predictions are true, then for the first time in history the United States will not have any diesel fuel.

If that is true, then that will be catastrophic. Those big eighteen wheelers that take food and all the products you need run only on diesel–not on 87 octane gasoline…or wind or solar power. Trains…the vehicles that transport freight containers filled with products from one end of the country to another…run on diesel only.

Container ships that bring cargo from other nations…run on diesel only.

If this problem is real and is not corrected in three weeks, we will see quite possibly the worst economic disaster in our history.

What caused this? Well, when oil companies are not allowed to drill in the U.S. and produce the fossil fuels that we need, when the Keystone pipeline is cancelled, when we go from being an energy independent nation to one that must import oil and natural gas from enemy nations like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela, and some of those nations are either curtailing or completely shutting off oil exports, then you will have this looming crisis that will directly impact everyone’s home, job, and life.

Electric cars, and solar and wind power will not save the day.

I seriously hope and pray that this impending crisis does not happen. If it does…then it will be a very cold, dark, and hungry long winter for millions of Americans.