What should bother us about Alfie Evans is…everything. The incredible sorrow of a sick child and parents struggling to help their beloved. No words can be added here.

Unfortunately the sorrow does not end with the pilgrimage of pain and heartbreak. The suffering is multiplied by government and media in the modern era. Somehow our dear cousins in Great Britain have chosen a path that says the government knows what is best for a child. Largely due to the impact of nationalized healthcare, parents are losing custodial rights over children at a regular and alarming rate. This is the third time (we know about) in which parents in Great Britain have been denied custodial care for their gravely ill child. That’s right, Alfie’s parents cannot remove him from the country to get better care. The Courts have banned them from doing so. The Courts have also denied giving the child oxygen and life support. So the government has decided it is Alfie’s time to die and the parents cannot escape the verdict.

Brave New World, 1984, and That Hideous Strength are no longer fiction. The technocratic dictatorship is here. It came through the door of nationalized healthcare.

If the government controls your healthcare, the government controls your life and your children.