From October of 1939 until the end of the war in Europe in 1945, the National Socialists in Germany enacted a government program called “Aktion T-4”. Medical doctors were used by the national government to quietly dispatch all the people the socialists in power deemed “burdensome” to the state.

That means everyone who was mentally or physically disabled became a target of Aktion T-4. If you were a schizophrenic or if you had Downs Syndrome or if you had Cerebral Palsy…whatever the “experts” considered a disability…you were marked for death.

You see, the Socialist government owned all the health care. And they said to the German people, “what a terrible drain on our limited funds these disabled people are! Why should we take care of these ‘useless eaters’ when we could take the same funds and educate poor people and build roads, schools, and bridges?” It made sense to many in the Socialist paradise of Germany in 1939.

So the government-owned medical community did as they were told and “collected” disabled patients and gassed them with carbon monoxide, or gave them lethal injections, or starved them to death…all because these innocent people were considered “inconvenient”. The National Socialists murdered some 200,000 disabled people in this government-ordered “health-care” program.

Hmmmm. The medical community having government authority to actually kill innocent human beings only because the victims were considered a burden. Does this sound similar to any government you know about today?